When you think of fabric, what comes to mind? Before we dive into what comes to mind, it is pertinent to note that fabric is synonyms with textile which is just a flexible material consisting of a natural or artificial fibre. It is also a material made through knitting, spreading, crocheting or bonding that may be use in the production of further garment. With the little explanation of what fabric is… what comes to mind when you hear such a word?

Perhaps it is been known that the bark and leaves of trees were the first dress of human kind. But in this contemporary age, clothes and dresses is the main sign of human civilization. We can’t imagine the actual date and invention of clothes but as the rise of civilization steps in, mankind feels the important of cloth to maintain sound health, feel comfort, expresses beauty and decency.

Here are some of the things that come to mind when we hear fabric;

  • To protect our body from germs and diseases
  • To express personality
  • To protect the body from harmful insects
  • To express adornment and promote our body beauty
  • To hide our body structures
  • To improve ones self-esteem and gain mental satisfaction
  • To escape harsh and rough weather
  • To maintain decency

It should be noted that first impression are made within seconds and the kind of fabric that you wear will determine how people may treat you. So we at EMGEE GLOBAL will give you that first impression that will guarantee you’re standing out.



We are an international brand that represents style and quality. We have an outstanding price preposition; capturing market trends, newness and uniqueness in colour, quality fabric shapes and expressing them in an effortless, relaxed and comfortable EMGEE GLOBAL style.

We are your number 1 choice and one of the major supplier of high quality fabric of all kinds and at very affordable price for wholesalers and retailers with our strong distribution network nationwide.

We also believe that you are what you wear and that God made man and the tailor made him a gentleman. To feel attraction to beauty is the inner tendency of human nature that is the core reason why we want to make you feel good to look good.


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