How to increase sales in your Network


We’re all in sales! Whether you like it or not you are selling something directly or indirectly, it doesn’t matter the sector of the economy you find yourself, its either you are selling your time, skills or a product, Nobody is exempted. Sales is about convincing people to see things from your point of view by communicating to them that the value you’re bringing to the table is much more than the money they will pay you. It is also making the prospective buyer to have the feeling that your product is not in the Bullshit circle.

We live in a very competitive world and the the only way to make a difference is to stand out in sales, according to the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria SMEDAN, one out of every three Nigerian owns a business. The question is how will you stand out from the crowd? One of the major ways is through sales. Let’s make me it short and simple about the sure ways to increase faster in sales




GET NEW PROSPECTS: Whether you like it or not, having prospects will definitely increase your chances of sales conversation. One of the great sales trainer, Grant Cardone said, ”If you’re worried about sales your pipeline is broken” The more prospective customers you have, the higher the probability that some of them may buy from you. Get serious about getting the word out there about your products and services.



GO SOCIAL/GET SOCIAL: In this 21st century, the social media has proven to take just any kind of business to the next level. Take your social media and content creation game to the next level. Over 1 billion people visit @instagram, Facebook has 3 billion users, and so on. The social media space is a huge opportunity to get new prospects that you can convert to sales. Arm yourself with the necessary skills like content creation, copywriting, and storytelling if you want to close more deals on social media. To sharpen your social media skills follow people that have proven to have a very good social media knowledge.



FOLLOW UP YOUR PROSPECTS: Its no longer news that 80% of sales are lost because people don’t follow up. To increase faster in sales, you must step up your follow up game. Follow up your prospect because you don’t know who have been waiting for you to ask again or to know your level of seriousness.

Do you have issues increasing sales? What is your experience like? Have you also made sales, what’s other strategy did implement?


Kindly share with us you experience in the comment box below.

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