How To Increase Your Income In 7 Simple ways

Here is story crafted out from a book titled the richest man in Babylon. FIND OUT HOW ARKAD SAVED OLD BABYLON FROM RUIN – POVERTY!

Here is a very Serious Warning : This is not my normal post, it’s a very LENGTHY read but again the time invested will be worth it. I lie not.

Reading it will be one of the things to do in order to find out what Arkad…

Remember Arkad??


It means you haven’t read the book – The Richest Man In Babylon. Or you have, but you’ve forgotten him. You can read here

Well Arkad according to the book was the richest, famous and wealthiest man in Old Babylon.

Honestly, there are a lot of things you can learn from Arkad. One of the reasons why he was famous was because of his wealth.

He Was Wealthy Because He Took Action!

Arkad was successful and prosperous among his peers. Why were his mates not Rich as he was?

That was the question his mates were battling with in order to get the right answer. But they could not until they came to Arkad.

Listen well my friend, the poor is poor because they ask themselves how they can be Rich. You’re familiar with this saying – The blind can’t lead the blind!

A poor man doesn’t know how wealth is accumulated. No he doesn’t. Unless he goes to the Rich for advice.

Only a Wealthy man can show you how to accumulate wealth! Simply because he has experience on how it is done.

Back to the gist…

So these Friends gathered themselves and were before Arkad to seek for the answers to their question. In their own words…

“Arkad, why are you the only one who is Wealthy, Rich and Famous among us? We served same master, were thought same thing, you were not bright in the class, but you’re Wealthy, Why?”

These guys must have buried their ego and pride for them to come before Arkad to ask this question.

See, you can only grow when you bury your ego! Pride has made some persons so poor more than the church rat we used to know.

Want to grow? Be humble, learn the process from a teacher/coach then practice!

If you don’t know some certain things that your degree or masters can’t give, humble yourself and learn it. If not, you will be a shame to that certificate.

So maybe you’re like Arkad’s mates looking for answers to why you’re not making much sales, finding it hard to save your money or to multiply it.

Friend, you’re reading the right article, check the next few paragraphs, there lies the answer Arkad gave.

Here was Arkad’s response to his mates.

“You Have Failed To Learn The Laws That Govern Building Wealth”

That’s your major problem!

If you know these laws, you wouldn’t depend solely on your Certificate!

Actually you don’t need certificate that much in this present age but rather the RIGHT EDUCATION!

Education isn’t all about certificate and that’s why we have Sex Education.

Iniabasi is deviating abi? Sorry about that, back to what we were saying jor…

Acquiring skills is good, but if you don’t know how to monetize them then you have a BIG problem.

So friend, having a skill isn’t good enough. Arkad’s mates had the knowledge but they didn’t know how to monetize it.

Simply because they don’t know the laws they need to follow in order to accumulate wealth. Everything on Earth is governed by rules and laws.

If you don’t know the laws on how to accumulate wealth, you will suffer it – by being poor!

Poverty brings about stagnancy!

‘No suffering pass this one wolai smiles’

In subsequent chapters of the book, king of then old Babylon called for Arkad. So he could teach the young men of the city how they could build wealth too!

The king na wise man, he call who sabi road. Lol

Arkad said something when the king asked him how he alone was so Wealthy!

Read his reply, “By Taking Advantage Of Opportunities Available To All Citizen Of Our Good City”

Powerful, isn’t it?

“Iniabasi, this is getting longer than expected o”


Sorry dear friend, I am almost through. But note this.

In the old city of Babylon, his mates were looking for jobs up and down while Arkad was leveraging on opportunities meant for the entire city.

There are thousands of opportunities that pop into your eyes daily, all you need do is leverage on them!

Arkad was a selfless man because he went ahead to share with the young men 7 simple and easy ways to Increase Your Current Income.

No matter the level you’re now!

He called it the 7 Cures To A Lean Purse. Rich people are generous you know.

I possess that quality, so I am going to drop it here for you.

Here are the Seven Cures To A Lean Purse.

Enjoy ?

1. Start thy purse to fattening. Save about 10% of your income

2. Control Your Expenditures: Your daily expenses if not controlled might grow and be equal to your income. So control it.

3. Make Your Money Multiply: Invest 10% of your income.

4. Guard Your Treasures From Loss: Not every investment platforms is meant for you.

5. Make Your Dwelling A Profitable Investment: Own your own home and it will save you from lousy house rent. You see Real Estate? That’s the real deal.

6. Insure a Future Income: Get landed properties in your name. Old age is coming. Buy lands!

7. Increase Your Ability To Earn: Work on your skills, study and become wiser!

Let me leave you with this,

Successful people take action! What you do with this information will determine your level of wealth accumulation.

PS: For a broad explanation on these 7 Laws, kindly get The Richest Man In Babylon. Don’t ask me where, Google is your friend.

I help business owners increase their profit and I remain,

Iniabasi Francis

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