How to Make 7 figures Selling Ice in Hell -Hungry Market in Africa

You doubt me? Then read through the lines and find out how to hit 7 figures daily in Hell.

But before then, here is a story my former pastor shared with us during a Bible study class.

An evangelist went to do his job and met with this young man. They got talking and in the middle of the discussion, the young man interrupted.

He said, “Sir, please where do you think Michael Jackson will be right now, hell or heaven?”

The evangelist was not judgemental in his reply. He told him that only God is the final judge as he doesn’t have right to say where this person will be either in heaven or hell.

The young man wasn’t expecting the reply from the evangelist. He went on and said, ” I have heard many people say Michael Jackson is in Hell.

I love Michael so much and I have made up my mind to go to hell so no matter what you say,I am not changing my mind”

Reason being that, he wants to see Michael. The evangelist went his way because the young man was not ready to listen anymore.

“Iniabasi has turned this platform to religious platform o”

No oo

I am actually not preaching but here is what I want you to catch in the story above.

On a daily basis we keep having clients that will make it to hell. (I am not happy it’s happening)

Some are deliberate just like the young man in this story while some are not.

What am I driving at? If I decide today to start selling Ice in Hell, I will hit 7 figures daily.


My market keeps increasing. Not ordinary market but Hungry Market here in Africa!

How do I know it’s a hungry market? Imagine the condition of hell from what you heard from people’s description about hell.

You will realize and agree with me that they will be highly in need of ice to cool off their thirst.

But I know you reading this doesn’t want to make it to hell. So why don’t you start applying the principle above here on Earth in your business.

Listen, no matter how good your products are, if you don’t have a hungry market, you will strive hard to sell!

Not to talk of making profit! You know there is a difference between Selling and Profits.

That’s topic for another day. But just know, that you can be selling and not making profits.

The product you’re selling, do you have a Hungry Market for it? Or you’re just selling it because everyone is into it?

If your current product isn’t selling then there can be only two things that you are doing wrongly.

In the next few lines I will open your eyes to them. You want to find out???

Follow me,

One is your Audience. Your target audience is key in selling off your products. Review the people you are selling to, who knows you might be selling to the wrong audience.

1. Do a proper audience research.

2. Your Marketing techniques.

Those who are making massive sales aren’t doing magic. They are ruthless with their Marketing.

Dear friend, show up to many people, for there lies your money.

If you ACT on these sacred advise, you will get results but if you decide to just hit the like button alone, you will remain stagnant.

To your continued success.

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