Tiens MLM Review

Tiens MLM Review


Today I will be unbaise about tiens and i am going to walk you through about tiens Mlm Company, products and a bit about their compensation plan so that you can have a right mindset and make a better decision before joining the company.

Let’s take a peep at the company


Tiens as we all know became popular because of their wonderful health products. It is a global company originally from china and founded by Li Jinyuan. This company has been operating in the health and wellness industry since 1995 and it is listed in the Nasdaq and in Amex since 2003/2005 respectively. With what is known and my personal experience, this company had and up till now a proven record of success in over 150 countries and counting worldwide and based on record has more than 15,000 employees worldwide. Currently this company has a total of more than $2billion as its annual revenue.

Checking the date of inception till now, it should be noted that not all companies can survive or exist for 23years… wow!!! What a firm vision… you see not the company is among other companies that are doing the right thing. This usually mean that its product, the business opportunity, the management and the leadership team in this company are really working hard together effectively for the benefit of its company and its distributors.




The company is an organisation that is involve in the sales of home care and personal care products. These products are claimed to be manufactured with the blend of different botanical elements and their series of products keep multiplying, allowing  the consumers to appreciate the product in a number of ways. Let’s list their product category below;

  • Weight loss
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Facial care
  • Dental care
  • Hair care
  • Skin care
  • Pet care
  • Home fragrances
  • Beauty and essential oil

And many more…

Do you know that the company was the first of its kind to provide the healing power oil teins oil for people all around the world? The company has serious intention of improving the lives of people involved by supporting them to reach their aim to become independent financially. They boast of a high quality of product which have enough variety and options. You see, each and every item manufactured goes through a thorough multiple quality inspection prior to reaching the hands of customers. Research is well made, scrutinized, refined and further monitored to ensure a complete customer convenience. Has the hour glass reads the company aims at expanding its product bank and all these are prepared to be environment friendly, economically affordable and biological healthful.



Tiens compensation plan are designed to reward you the independent business owner or marketer/ marketing executives. There are two major ways subdivided in Seven streams of income or ways you could earn big money from tiens. These 7 streams of income are synonymous to the 7 types of bonuses and allocation policy in Tiens Africa Region namely:

Direct sponsorship bonus,

Development bonus,

coaching bonus,

special awards etc.

Tiens Rank System Bronze —100Bv Silver——–200Bv Gold———-400Bv The basic rank (Distributor rank)starts from 3- star to 8- star. After 8 star is the Honorary rank which includes;

Bronze lion

Silver lion

Gold lion

Honorary Rank, etc.

Each rank has its required point value. It also has its own bonus allocation. For example: A silver card holder with Four silver cards down lines will make : Direct sponsoring bonus:(200*4)$*15%=$120 and Development bonus: matching leg A with B:200*10%=$20 Leg C with D:200*10%=$20 Total=$40,$120+40= 160.Wow, this is amazing, the higher you go in the business the bigger the bonus.


The seven types if bonuses will be discussed below:



  • Direct sponsoring Bonus: is the bonus you make when you directly sponsor at least one person in the business.



  • Development Bonus: In this bonus you make money when you directly sponsor at least two persons from two network.





  • Coaching Bonus: This bonus comes in when your down line makes development bonus. This is called bonus on top of bonus some people might call it matching bonus.


Lets look at an example below;





  • Sales bonus: This bonus is made when a distributor makes a product re order.

Here is an example below;




  • Excellence Bonus: 8%of monthly bonus value from Region retail sales to

be shared for 8-star and above rank.



  • Honorary Bonus: 4% of the global retail sales is shared among Bronze lion and above.



  • Special Awards: This award includes international tour seminar, luxury car award, Villa award, Yatch award. This award is mainly for 8 -star and above.



The most amazing thing about Tiens is that each time the compensation plan is upgraded, it favours the market. So, I won’t be wrong if I say that Tiens has an outstanding compensation plan.


Guess what?  You can be paid Weekly, To qualify to get a weekly pay, marketing executives should have a quality score of up to 75% or more on  Direct sponsorship bonus, Development bonus and coaching bonuses.




  1. The company has been around for at least 5 since 1995. As at writing this article it has been around for 23 years and still waxing stronger and better.
  2. The company is well capitalised have a revenue base of over $2billion annually
  3. Its product and services are unique which has a Chinese traditional foundational medicine and are claimed to be prepared with the mixture of different botanical elements.
  4. One of the fun part about tiens is that you are never left alone because your team is ever ready to work with you to achieve a common goal called ‘FINANCIAL FREEDOM’.
  5. We believe that to have a great business you must first become a great person. That is why on tiens we will train you to become a great person.




I hope you enjoyed my review, and if you are in this company kindly share your experiences on sponsoring and how the product works for you.


Kindly share with love.

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