Back then, Making money online in Africa wasn’t as easy as it is now. There was a lot of constraint in seeing or making many dreams to become a reality. But today I glad to share with you some way that can guarantee your making money online in Africa. Join me to read further the sure ways of making money but are not limited to this.

1. You can make money when you create a blog to start blogging

I started blogging as far back as 2013 but I wasn’t taking it serious because of some setback. In Nov. 2017, blogging to me became a serious business. I made a total some of 200k in my first year of ta itking blogging seriously and since then I never stopped blogging. Although it’s easy to start but it takes time to earn a good income. Here are some additional ways to make money through blogging
I. Ads selling: when your website begin to have a substantial amount of traffic, you can then apply to start selling ads on your website. Google adsense is one of the highest payer of ads to publishers. You can also use other ad company.
II. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products or services for a commission without having any inventory of such products. You can easily make 20% to 40% commission on each product sales or services. This can cap at least over $100 per month.
III. You can sell your products or services on your blog: let’s say you decided to pick a niche in the tech industry and part of your skill acquisition is graphics and website design, right there in your blog you can easily let your audience know that you an do graphics design or design a website for them for a little fee. You can also rake in $100 a month for such services.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This way of making money online in Africa is for serious and hard working people. Like I said earlier when talking about making money through blogging, you can make as high as 20% to 40% per product sale. Isn’t that amazing. A friend of mine pulls in nothing $2000 every single month. It’s passive income for you but remember you need to be very hard working to be able to make such an amount. There are a lot of sites you could do their affiliate marketing program, such sites includes Amazon, konga, whalecash, shareasale and many more. You can register with them for free. It’s not compulsory to own a website or blog before you could start making money from affiliate marketing.

3. You can also make money online in Africa through Network Marketing Programs

You see network marketing is a 21st century business. It is a system where the parent company distributes it’s product through a Network of independent distributor. Whereby an Entrepreneur makes money when other people joins or purchases the company’s product. The beauty of network marketing business is that you are sure of a lifetime income. There are a lot of them you can partner with like Recharge and get paid, four corners alliance group longrich, tienslife etc.

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4. Sell Your old Stuffs Online

In this method of making money online in Africa you can sell and product you do not want to use again. Some of my friends and Neighbors meet me requesting I help them sell their products online, and I have made a good income from it. The wonderful thing about this method is that you can sell virtually anything online, ranging from Mattress to Refrigerator and even sound system, mobile device and so on. If you sell regularly, you could make $200 per month. Here are some of the site that offer such services: jiji, olist etc

5. You can make money online in Africa through YouTube

Google LLC owns YouTube. And they are ready to pay you for your quality videos, views and subscribers. Many people have found breakthrough via uploading their videos. You could make $1000 on monthly basis on your videos. You can create comedy videos, Short story videos, How to videos, kitchen recipes videos. You don’t just start making money from your videos after uploading it, you need to have a good amount of views and subscribers, then apply to their AdSense program before you can make money on YouTube.

6. Online Trading Such as Stock trading, forex trading, crypto currency trading and binary options.

Forex trading, binary options, crypto trading

Online trading is simply buying and selling of digital products online. But don’t start trading if you don’t have a foundation of what it’s all about. You can easily become broke or wealthy in just 3 to 5 minutes of trading. Here are familiar names that offer such services… IQOPTIONS and OLYMPIC TRADE

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7. Drop Shipping

 This is another lucrative yet profitable  business you can do online in Africa. You could make up to $700 in profit every month. Drop shipping is a system where a retailers supplies goods and make profit from it’s customers without having to keep any inventory of the product but instead transfers customer’s order and shipping details to the manufacturer or supplier who then ships the goods to the customers. There are companies like oberlo and alipdrop who have an automated system to help you succeed in drop shipping.

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